Advance your career and your health with The MESO Method™

The MESO Method provides personal fitness training services and online or in-person courses in the field of fitness and the MESO training style.

The MESO Method

What is MESO?

MESO is a revolutionary fitness training style that bridges the gaps between corrective exercise and higher movement performance. MESO is an acronym for:

  • Myofascial Training
  • Engaged Core
  • Strength & Stability
  • Optimization


MESO for Fitness Professionals

Motivate your clients with a new training style while addressing key movement issues. The MESO Method certification also counts as continued education for some of the fitness industry’s leading governing boards.


Addressing limitations and create more resources.

After attaining a baseline of your client’s issues through the assessment process, the next step is to develop and implement a plan to initially address their restrictions. This can be done with myofascial techniques using foam rollers, rolling sticks, balls, and more.


Engage Your Core & Elevate The Brain Stimuli Phase

There is evidence that the brain coordinates movement within specific slings of the body, which are lines of musculature that work collectively to produce a result. That’s why MESO ensures that the core is stabilizing the spine, and work to get the ankle, hip and shoulder joints centrated, or sitting in their middle in order to ensure aligned, fluid, and balanced movement


Strategies for a Stronger Core

To achieve greater core musculature responses and integrate core training in a standing position, it’s important to incorporate adduction or “withdrawal action” while training strength, along with the anterior oblique sling (AOS). This combination allows for the core to fire not only on the floor, but also in standing, and opens up opportunities for unlimited progressions.


Make Your BrainSweat™

We specialize in personal (and group) physical fitness training and teaching The MESO Method Program to give you the tools to train others.

The MESO Method

Is MESO right for my clients?

MESO is great for people of all ages and body types and can be trained in a one-on-one session or group setting.

Training variables can always be manipulated and still achieve results quickly, as MESO is a time-efficient resistance training program.

Alison Robbins, BA, NASM-CPT, NASM-CES

As a creator of the program, Alison blends her innate curiosity about movement science and her background in ballet, yoga, barre, pilates, and indoor cycling—as well as her avid interest in wholesome nutrition and wellness lifestyles–to help design this holistically integrated restoration/activation training program.


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